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Also playable in the browser (untested, as everything fun)!

Web version

Just as if in life, tough decisions come fast and hit hard. At least here with us, you somewhat control of where it does hit. The when... We are waiting for the technology.

Take control of some freefalling through life!

-- NOTE --

Not completely finished, but a lot of work went into this game, many assets where made (and cut) from the game. All the hard-working people that contributed here are:

  • Harry 'Thrasher08' Baldwin: Modeling & rigging, game design
  • Daniel B. '0DannieBoy' Baxter: Sound design
  • Alexander 'Akryllax' Montero: Coding and scene placement
  • Darkness (Your Old Friend): Game design and production

You can find the full (and awful) source code in:



Win64.zip 21 MB

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